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    Introduction of Concord ERP

    Concord ERP (ERP Software) is the business management software developed by
    Techwave It Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2005. Concord ERP is the best ERP software that offers an
    integrated set of applications that can manage complete business operations. Concord is
    a Cloud-based ERP software that is compatible to run on every smart device.


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    Why Choose Concord ERP Software for Construction Industries?

    Concord ERP is the Ideal ERP Software for Construction Industries, which consists of different modules that help in overall business operations; automated construction processes, and works on unnecessary downtime so that you can stay on time and on budget, increased productivity.

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    ERP Software for HR Management

    Fully integrated and comprehensive HR Management ERP Software, that manages all aspects of Human Resources.

    Human resource administration and management in any industry is never a simple task but when it comes to construction it becomes more complex and difficult to manage, with different sets of challenges in the highly mobile and unstable nature of work. Seamlessly integrating with CONCORD payroll, this solution is designed to cope with the ever-changing market landscape. It frees up time by streamlining processes and providing transparency, with the ultimate aim of increasing and improving employee satisfaction.

    The Human Resources partner product brings together all the employee records into a single location of effective employee management, analysis, and reporting. This is comprehensive human resources administration and management solution designed specifically for the needs of large, medium, and small contractors.          

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    Time & Attendance with Concord ERP

    We developed Concord ERP with an understanding of the built Environment, the site challenges, the need to identify employee and record essential information quickly under all sorts of site condition.

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    Fully Integrated Payroll System

    Our payroll system is also fully integrated into the accounts and therefore you can see your labor cost as soon as you capture it.

    Using the latest database technology, employee data is stored and available for historical viewing at any time. All runs are stored in detail. No need to restore old pay runs for viewing. Concord ERP Software helps to maintain information of employees. It also allows managers to manage information on their employees as well as allows employees to keep some of their information up-to-date.

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    We deliver innovative ERP Solution services specifically designed for the manufacturing and construction industry.

    Our Concord ERP System is used to plan, manage, and deliver specific functionalities that support manufacturers and manufacturing business operations and help streamline and integrate processes across all areas of a manufacturing business.

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    Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

    Concord is integrated and customized multi-user CRM Software for meeting the information needs of any organization engaged in the business. It has various features focusing on Customer Relationship Planning & Execution. A growing number of clients have adopted it, and have couched for its capabilities.

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    Manages The Customer Lifecycle of An Organization

    CRM Software enables your marketing, sales, and customer services teams to work together, to share information, and to manage every interaction with prospects, leads, and customers, these are the seven most useful features in CRM software for small and medium businesses.

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