We deliver innovative ERP Solution services specifically designed for the manufacturing and construction industry.

Our Concord ERP System is used to plan, manage, and deliver specific functionalities that support manufacturers and manufacturing business operations and help streamline and integrate processes across all areas of a manufacturing business.

Useful In Operation Execution:

  • Project Management.
  • Task assignment & DPR.
  • Machine Management.
  • Productivity tracking.

Benefits of Implementing a Manufacturing ERP:

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity of the organization.
  • Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization.
  • Enhanced Data Visibility and Reporting digitally.
  • Saves time and money by applying ERP.
  • Enhanced data security & easy storage.
  • Production Planning & operation.
  • Goods quality inspection & testing.
  • Production tracking.
  • Dispatch & logistic management.