Fully Integrated Payroll System

Our payroll system is also fully integrated into the accounts and therefore you can see your labor cost as soon as you capture it.

Using the latest database technology, employee data is stored and available for historical viewing at any time. All runs are stored in detail. No need to restore old pay runs for viewing. Concord ERP Software helps to maintain information of employees. It also allows managers to manage information on their employees as well as allows employees to keep some of their information up-to-date.


The system caters to multiple users and role definitions. Users are allocated roles in payrolls and are given access to only those features permitted. Each user has a profile in the payroll and can only have those features permitted. Each user has a profile and can only execute those features allotted to the user.  All processes are recorded in the payroll log, and all amendments to fields and entries and exits to processes are recorded and can be viewed by the payroll administration.  


The system comes loaded with all tax tables for the applicable country. Stamp sets are preloaded and standard earnings deduction sets are available to use as is or can be modified to suit.


Information relevant to the payroll contained in the accounts and procurement modules are immediately available to the payroll, projects, contracts, divisions, activities, and ledger codes are fully integrated Changes made in the other modules are available without the need to import any data from these systems.

Automatic postings to cost ledger and general ledger occur without the need for user intervention. The self-balancing process ensures that costs are accurately posted and the corresponding postings are done to the ledger system. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration and quotation.